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Course Description

Course Name: Excel: Advanced
Course Categories: Technology & Computer Applications
Course Length: 2 hours
Public Price: $140.00
Member Price: $115.00
Sweet Deal: $85.00

Class Dates:

Class DateStart TimeEnd TimeTrainerLocation
12/9/20209:00 AM11:00 AMJohn GjataVirtual Classroom
Course Overview: This hands-on virtual workshop will help you become the Excel guru at your organization!
Prerequisite: Beginning & Intermediate Excel is recommended.
Before attending the Advanced Excel class, you should know how to: *Use the Insert Function tool *Select multiple non adjacent columns *Run a sub-total on data *Assign and understand the difference between a relative and absolute cell reference *Create a formula that references cells in different worksheets *Select multiple worksheets and perform a task once for all of the selected sheets *Apply filtering to a data set. *Display formulas versus formula results *Create a data table *Use Data Validation to create dropdown lists This interactive workshop Participants will: 1) Customize and protect worksheets. 2) Merge a database. 3) Use the function wizard. 4) Discover the power of using absolute vs. relative values. 5) Nest functions and formulas inside other functions and formulas. 6) Use Pivot Tables to manipulate and report data. 7) Program Macros to speed up tasks. 8) Create formulas that reference other worksheets and workbooks. 9) Manage links between workbooks. 10) Learn more about advanced functions. Prerequisite: Intermediate Excel or knowledge of Excel is recommended.
***NOTE: This workshop is a virtual workshop and requires you to use your own computer that has Excel (Min. 2010) installed. In addition you will need 2 screens or 2 devices: 1 device or screen to view the lesson and 1 device or screen to practice the application on Excel and Webcam with mic (included in laptop works great)

This is a 2-part session. Participants must attend both Wednesday, December 9th and Thursday, December 10th from 9am-11am.
Please enter an email address when registering for the workshop in order to receive Zoom invitation and workshop materials.