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Nonprofit Management Solutiosn Special Programs - Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Board Connection, Supervisory Skills Certificate Training Series.

The Mindful Manager

10-workshop series
Self-paced program leading to a certificate upon completion

The Mindful Manager

The Mindful Manager is a 10-workshop series that focuses on building skills critical for successful management—first of oneself and then of others.  While each 3-hour exploratory workshop provides a valuable independent learning experience, completion of all ten workshops in the series gives participants a toolbox of integrated strategies for both self and team management. The self-paced program provides opportunities for participants to develop their ability to be present with others as they increase their level of awareness, empathy, and engagement. Each workshop includes self-assessment, reflection, discussions, group exercises, and other interactive activities designed to encourage practice and learning transfer. Upon completion of the workshops and program evaluation, participants receive a certificate of completion by email.

Participant responsibilities:

  • Track your progress on your Personal Record of Attendance.
  • Let us know when you have completed 9 workshops in the series.
  • Complete an online program evaluation.

Program Guide

Attendance Record

Start any time and enroll based on your schedule - there's no deadline for completion. REGISTER HERE for your first workshop to get started.

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    MM1: Leadership
    MM2: Emotional Intelligence
    MM3: Attention Management
    MM4: Inclusion & Equity
    MM5: Communication

    MM6: Conflict Resolution
    MM7: Coaching
    MM8: Talent Acquisition
    MM9: Performance Management
    MM10: Team Development

Shelli Chosak

Shelli Chosak, Ph.D.


Josh Berkstresser

Josh Berkstresser, MS, SPHR


Ute Maschke

Ute Maschke Ph.D.


Lenore Lowe

Lenore Lowe, M.Ed.


Zoe Hayman

Zoe Hayman, MA


Jennifer Padilla

Jennifer Padilla


Christiana Tasto

Christiana Tasto, MA


Irasema Garcia

Irasema Garcia, MPA

Zoe Hayman

Frank Scarpaci


Teresa Love

Teresa Love, Ph.D


Christiana Tasto

Angie Myer, M.Ed.


Christiana Tasto

Setche Kwamu-Nana, MBA, CDP


Zoe Hayman

Jonathan Bell, JD


Diane Dauble, MA

Diane Dauble, MA


Arantxa Sanchez

Arantxa Sanchez