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Nonprofit Management Solutiosn Special Programs - Certificate in Nonprofit Management, Board Connection, Supervisory Skills Certificate Training Series.

Manager Learning Group

This 5-week program offers in-depth training by experts and interactive peer-to-peer learning and networking with fellow nonprofit professionals in management positions.


Location: Nonprofit Solutions


Need a place to learn and discuss how to handle the challenges of managing people and programs?

The Manager Learning Group provides an interactive space for nonprofit professionals to learn about and discuss the key management topics below, while also getting individualized support and advice from the group on real-life issues and challenges. Participants gain perspective on universal management approaches that span across industries and departments. This 5-week program provides an excellent venue for networking and resource sharing in our local San Diego community. This hands-on learning group also provides an opportunity for managers to develop a personal action plan journal that can be used during and after the program is completed.

What people are saying:
"Very helpful!"
"I really enjoyed the sessions."
"The small group gave great ideas to each other, bringing up real life events and coming up with solutions."
"I appreciated having a space to think through the struggles I encounter as a manager and to build a tool kit for how to tackle them."
"I appreciated being able to practice concepts we learned in the real world."
"It made me think outside the box and to put myself in my staff's shoes."

Sessions & Topics:
Session 1: Leadership and Management
  • Assess your current leadership skills. 
  • Explore multiple generations in the workforce. 
  • Explore components of management and leadership. 
Session 2: Building Your Team
  • Conduct a team assessment. 
  • Explore effective and ineffective behaviors in team dynamics. 
  • Explore the benefits of engagement. 
Session 3: Communicating Trust, Value, and Respect
  • Identity tools for navigating difficult conversations. 
  • Explore elements of inclusive language. 
Session 4: Minimalize Conflict and Maximize Employee Engagement
  • Explore and discuss sources of conflict. 
  • Explore approaches and strategies to handling workplace conflict. 
Session 5: Working Effectively within Organizational Culture
  • Explore the dimensions and dynamics of organizational culture. 
  • Develop strategies for making a culture change. 
  • Create a personal action plan to further development as a leader.

Who Should Attend
Ideal for nonprofit professionals such as Managers or Directors with 1 - 5 years experience overseeing employees. Duties can include hiring and firing, budget development or monitoring, and working with other managers.

How much does it cost?

Public Price: $575
Member Price: $500
Sweet Deal: $425



CHRISTIANA TASTO has worked in the nonprofit sector for more that thirteen years directing youth development and diversity programs in community-based organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America and the YMCA, where she created and presented programs on youth character education, life skills, and diversity. In her role as training specialist at Nonprofit Solutions, Christiana has facilitated professional development programs on a variety of topics, including communication skills, coaching, team-building, and workplace professionalism. Christiana holds a Masters of Arts in Psychology.