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Training Faculty

Name:   Christiana  Tasto
Bio:   Christiana Tasto has worked in the nonprofit sector for more that thirteen years directing youth development and diversity programs in community-based organizations, including the Boy Scouts of America and the YMCA, where she created and presented programs on youth character education, life skills, and diversity. In her role as training specialist at Nonprofit Management Solutions, Christiana has facilitated professional development programs on a variety of topics, including communication skills, coaching, team-building, and workplace professionalism. Christiana holds a Masters of Arts in Psychology.
Scheduled Classes:  
4/11/2017 - Management Essentials Learning Group - 5 Weeks
4/20/2017 - Leadership Skills for Supervisors
8/31/2017 - ***SOLD OUT***Leadership Skills for Supervisors
12/7/2017 - Leadership Skills for Supervisors
6/7/2017 - Communication Skills
11/15/2017 - Communication Skills
8/24/2017 - ***SOLD OUT***Teambuilding Part 1
10/5/2017 - Teambuilding Part 1
6/1/2017 - Coaching Part 1
8/17/2017 - ***SOLD OUT***Coaching Part 1
9/28/2017 - ***SOLD OUT***Teambuilding Part 2
9/20/2017 - ***SOLD OUT ***Coaching Skills Part 2
5/4/2017 - Emotional Intelligence
9/7/2017 - Emotional Intelligence
8/15/2017 - Emotional Intelligence
9/14/2017 - Facilitation Skills
8/2/2017 - Management Essentials Learning Group