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Course Description

Course Name: Digital Communication: Crafting Effective Emails
Course Categories: Marketing & Public Relations
Course Length: hours
Public Price: $115.00
Member Price: $85.00
Sweet Deal: $0.00

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Course Overview: Do you want to feel more confident in your email communications? Organizations now run on email, which are efficient and often provide a crucial paper trail. However, ineffective use of email leads to miscommunications, offended recipients, or false perceptions. Finding the right approach can be challenging, especially in our busy schedules. In this interactive workshop, participants: *Discover approaches to conscious emailing. *Explore differences betweencommunication methods, and when to use verbal, email and other digital communication platforms. *Analyze effective and ineffective aspects of email communications. * Review guidelines for conveying an effective written message to different audiences (coworkers and clients). *Practice writing an email that delivers emotion and context appropriately. *Develop your own approach to effective email communication that works with your voice and audience. Who should attend: Individual Contributors, Emerging Managers, and Managers