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Class Description

Course Name: Manager Learning Group
Course Category: Organizational & Leadership Development
Class Date: 10/15/2019
Class Start Time: 1:00 PM
Class End Time: 4:00 PM
Public Price: $575.00
Member Price: $500.00
Sweet Deal: $425.00
Trainer: Christiana Tasto
Location: Nonprofit Management Solutions
Course Overview: Managers are responsible for the planning, executing and implementing of a program or service that meets the organization's objectives and helps to fulfill the mission, while directing, and supporting others. The workforce is changing to represent 4 and sometimes 5 very different generations. Much of a managers learning comes from experience, however with a changing workforce, it is necessary to prepare and sharpen one’s skills to be an effective leader. The Manager Learning Group combines facilitation and peer-to-peer learning that helps participants to find solutions for their specific on-the-job issues. In this cohort setting, participants will:
*Assess their current leadership skills.
*Explore multiple generations in the workforce.
*Explore components of management and leadership.
*Conduct a team assessment.
*Explore effective and ineffective behaviors in team dynamics.
*Explore the benefits of engagement.
*Identity tools for navigating difficult conversations.
*Explore elements of inclusive language.
*Explore and discuss sources of conflict.
*Explore approaches and strategies to handling workplace conflict.
*Explore the dimensions and dynamics of organizational culture.
*Develop strategies for making a culture change.
*Create a personal action plan to further development as a leader. This 5-week program meets 5 consecutive Tuesdays.