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Class Description

Course Name: Mission-Driven Fundraising Events Full Day Intensive
Course Category: Fund Resource Development
Class Date: 4/6/2018
Class Start Time: 8:30 AM
Class End Time: 4:00 PM
Public Price: $195.00
Member Price: $145.00
Sweet Deal: $95.00
Trainer: Krista Berry Ortega
Location: Nonprofit Management Solutions
Course Overview: This interactive full day workshop will provide you with practical knowledge on how to design, plan and execute successful mission-driven fundraising events - and how to stop doing an event that isnít. Hear innovative best practices and a diverse range of case studies on how to make any fundraising event a success! Participants will: 1. Explore the variety non-profit fundraising events. 2. Discuss specific strategies for keeping the expense budget minimal to achieve event fundraising goals. 3. Discover the latest trends and innovations in non-profit fundraising events. 4. Conduct a needs assessment and analyze results to determine how your event can support the organizationís strategic goals. 5. Identify all the stakeholders in a non-profit fundraising event and best practices for maximizing volunteer committees 6. Create a mission-driven event plan to achieve fundraising goals. 7. Develop an evaluation tool for monitoring the eventís success as it relates to the organizations mission and strategic plan. * Required Pre-Course Work: Identify two events that you have attended or organized: A) Mission-focused B) Not Mission-focused; these will be referenced in the workshop.