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This specialized program offers in-depth training by experts in a peer learning environment for managers with over 5 years of experience.

NEW! Dates/Times/Location
Wednesdays, August 5-September 2, 2015
1:30pm to 4:30pm
Nonprofit Management Solutions
8265 Vickers Street,
Suite C, San Diego, CA 92111


Been managing for awhile? It can sometimes seem like there are no easy answers. But, you are not alone! 

This peer-learning group, facilitated by experts, offers new solutions and in-depth discussion with others who also oversee direct reports, work with other managers, lead teams and interpret and achieve management goals. During the 5-week course, you will discover proven methods and techniques that will hone your skills and immediately impact your work situation.

Sessions & Topics

Session 1: Best Practices in Effective Leadership in the Workplace
Learn how self-management increases your skills as a leader.

Identify specific challenges and learning goals to tailor the course for your maximum value.
Develop individual action plans for leadership growth that reinforce an authentic management environment of delegation, responsibility and accountability.
Identify and offer solutions for major obstacles we all share as seasoned managers.

Session 2: Think Strategically In Building a Positive Workplace Culture
Use your managerial skills to develop a strategy for creating an engaging work environment.

Identify strategies to manage expectations and build trust.
Gaining a strong understanding of how positive workplace culture affects performance and why it's the newest business trend.
Leveraging a model that describes the four facets of a positive workplace and inspires employees to be engaged and out-perform competitors.
Creating action items that can be implemented in your team immediately.

Session 3: Leverage Your Organization's Culture to Improve Performance
Discover organizational best practices for developing an engaged, high performing workforce with you as the leader.

Developing your vision.
Creating a higher level of clarity in organization communication.
Inspiring innovation.

Session 4: Authentic and Genuine Ways to Improve Influence
Realize the value of creating and leveraging relationships to get work done.

Understanding the value of influence, credibility and relationship capital internally and externally.
Addressing the challenges of creating relationship depth in a time-compressed environment.
Leveraging your relationships for results.

Session 5: Processing the Tough Issues
Learn how to best navigate tough management challenges with difficult people and multiple stakeholders.

Accelerating trust among team members as you navigate and counter the pitfalls of team dynamics.
Dealing with resisters while managing change.
Handling political power plays.
Coaching for performance enhancement.

Who Should Attend
This program provides managers with five or more years of experience cutting edge solutions to old management challenges.  Managers will learn from experts and interact with their peers to address the tough issues that don’t seem to have easy answers.  In addition, participants will hone their management skills in consideration of possible promotions and if an executive director role is right for them.

How much does it cost?
Register ON or BEFORE July
29, 2015-

Sweet Deal Members, $300.00
Members, $375.00
Not-Yet Members, $450.00

Register after July 29, 2015-
Sweet Deal Members, $350.00
Members, $425.00
Not-Yet Members, $500.00



SHELLI CHOSAK, has been in the field of Organizational Consulting and Psychotherapy for the past 30 years. Her experience includes university teaching, public speaking, and program development. She was the Director of a training program at a university, which she developed and taught for twelve years. She works with both non-profit and for-profit organizations in organizational development, training and Executive Coaching. Her areas of specialization are in Leadership Development, Interpersonal Communication, Stress Mastery, Organizational Culture, Taking Charge of Conflict, Change Management, Diversity, Productivity/Time Management, Strategic Planning, and Personal Power. Shelli has been active in community and professional organizations, including American Society for Training and Development, Organizational Development Network, and Women in Business. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, and is a Principal Partner in The KCM Group. She has been working with Nonprofit Management Solutions as an Affiliated Partner for over twelve years.