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Human Resources Management Program
The Human Resources Management Program provides the knowledge and practical skills for human resources administration and management. Content is based on the essential knowledge and expertise identified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

August 1-29, 2018
Wednesdays, 1:30 PM-4:30 PM

Nonprofit Management Solutions
8265 Vickers Street, Suite C,
San Diego, CA 92111


Rapidly changing legal landscapes, funding challenges, workplace culture, and technology are just a few of the human resources challenges facing nonprofit organizations today. HR professionals and the “accidental” HR designates are responsible for everything from legal compliance to employee performance.

Strategic human resource management is the focus of this five-week program, which features a high degree of participant interaction in three-hour sessions facilitated by a content expert. Most covered topics include worksheets and exercises that allow the information to be immediately implemented. Before the program begins, participants are asked to identify a project (e.g., update a program, develop an initiative, solve an employee issue) to be completed before the program concludes. Content for the program is based on the essential knowledge and expertise identified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Sessions & Topics
Session 1: Strategic Human Resource Management

Determine the human resources challenges that are most important to your organization.
Gain a strong understanding of HR as part of organizational strategy.
Assess the integration of your organization's mission and culture into your human resource management practies.
Review your organization's potential exposure to fines, lawsuits, and other risks associated with human resources issues.
Minimize risk with an HR audit.
Identify external partnerships (nonprofits, labor attorneys, HR consultants, etc.) that will allow you to manage human resources more effectively

Session 2: Recruitment and Selection

Determine evaluation criteria for assessing current staffing needs against future needs.
Using job analysis as your first step, create job descriptions that improve your ability to recruit and select good employees.
Identify the essential elements of a successful recruitment strategy.
Write job advertisements that draw a pool of great candidates to choose from.
Identify the guidelines for asking legal questions.
Develop behavior based interview questions.
Discuss appropriate types of interviews for different hiring needs.
Identify applicants who fit within your organizational culture.

Session 3: Employee Development

Evaluate your organization’s on-boarding program and develop new strategies for improvement.
Identify the criteria for a successful performance management process.
Assist managers and supervisors in coaching performance throughout the year.
Conduct a learning needs assessment and choose the right training programs.
Identify resources and strategies to maximize employee development on a limited budget.
Measure training effectiveness using the Kirkpatrick Model.

Session 4: Employee Engagement & Relations

Apply the criteria for correctly classifying employees as exempt or non-exempt.
Address compliance with meal and break period laws.
Identify benefits and rewards that promote employee engagement and how to implement them.
Set appropriate compensation using six guidelines.
Determine the steps necessary to effectively manage a poorly performing employee.
Develop a sample employee development plan.
Identify strategies to successfully assist employees in exiting your organization.

Session 5: Capstone Project

During the final week, participants will present projects to the group in order to obtain feedback and coaching. Time will also be provided to create a strategic plan for future HR activities.

Who Should Attend
This course best serves:

  • The accidental HR Manager (e.g., directors or administrative professionals who find themselves managing HR has part of their many other functions)
  • Professionals new to HR who are looking for guidance on where to start and how to excel in HR
  • HR Assistants, coordinators or generalists looking to gain more knowledge about HR


  1. Complete an application.
  2. Attend ALL five sessions.
  3. Establish a specific goal to achieve over the duration of the five-week program.
  4. Commit to a 90-day plan after the program has concluded.

How much does it cost?

Public Price: $575
Member Price: $500
Sweet Deal: $425


CATHERINE MATTICE served as the Director of Education, Compliance & Business Development at a local non-profit organization and has gained extensive experience in human resources, training and development, and community education. She left that organization to venture out and start Catherine Mattice Consulting and NoWorkplaceBullies, consulting firms focused on formal communication processes, internal relationships, successful new employee integration, strategic organizational culture shifts and healthy workplaces. Catherine holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Organizational Communication from San Diego State University, is currently an adjunct lecturer at National University and ITT Technical Institute, frequently appears on the local news as a human capital management expert, and has published articles nationwide.