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About Nonprofit Management Solutions

People that change the world need the tools to do it!



Think of your contribution as helping to put those tools in the hands of San Diego nonprofits which surely make our corner of the world a better, more livable place.

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Across the nation and throughout San Diego County, we are experiencing an unparalleled economic crisis that presents serious challenges to our nonprofit community. These times demand that nonprofit organizations become more efficient in how they operate, and develop innovative ways of looking at their programs and infrastructure. With hard earned reserves exhausted, nonprofit organizations are looking for ways of reaching economies of scale, trimming budgets, and re-evaluating programs. Nonprofit Solutions (NPS) offers viable solutions for many of these problems.

Imagine if you will, what life would be like in San Diego without robust and vital nonprofit organizations. Perhaps, you enjoy walking on a clean beach, taking visitors to the zoo, hold season tickets to the Symphony or use the YMCA after school programs or called 211 for information on the fires or pick up your kids from scouts or one of San Diego’s many independent schools or maybe you did the Komen Run for the Cure or volunteer at Voices for Children or work out at the JCC. Or like most of us, perhaps you and your family are touched in a million ways day in and day out by the reach and work of our nonprofits as they go about their business of building community!

Our strategic objective is to provide nonprofit leaders, staff, and leadership volunteers a continuum of experiences, resources and tools that will enhance their capacity to produce more powerful outcomes of their own services, while increasing their impact on the future of the community.

Here is what NPS accomplished in 2011:

...Over 400 San Diego nonprofits received direct benefits
...Over 11,000 hours of professional services were delivered
...Over 3,500 individuals accessed resources tools and information
...Almost 400 training and consulting engagements
...Nearly 250 management and technology courses were offered
...Over 85 professionals volunteering as workshop faculty
...Over 1,800 volunteer hours were provided

A contribution to Nonprofit Solutions leverages the investment nonprofit organizations make in their own professional growth by helping to keep our comprehensive portfolio of services of high quality, relevant, and affordable.

Thank you for your partnership and behalf of all of the organizations that benefit from your generosity, thank you for your contribution!

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